The Perfect Rotary Cutter- Do You need One or Not?

Only a dressmaker will know how important her rotary cutter is to her. It is difficult for a tailor to imagine working without a rotary cutter. There are a few tips which can help you buy the perfect one!

These cutters come in many sizes and styles. The most commonly used blades are in the sizes given below:-
· 18mm,
· 28mm,
· 45mm,
· 60mm

Cutting mat

Yes, you are looking for a rotary cutter, however a mat which heals when you cut using the cutter is an absolute requirement. 36″ x 24″ sized mat will do just fine for most tailoring projects.

You will need a non-slip ruler to hold along with the rotary cutter. This will aid in attaining perfection while cutting the pattern.

These rotary cutters have to be handled very safely. Make sure you secure the blade when not in use. While handling this, your hand, arm and wrist should be in a straight line. Though this is a personal preference, this position will relieve you of pain and discomfort

Try not to cut towards your body. While in a hurry, you will be safe if this is being practiced. There are chances of cutting yourself when you have the habit of cutting towards your body.

Just following these few tips can help you use the rotary cutter effectively.

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