What You Need To Know Before You Start Cutting The Fabric

Ready to start your first attempt at tailoring? There are few instructions which can be very useful to you before you actually start cutting the fabric. You need to prepare beforehand so that the final dress will be perfect and just as you wanted it to be. Let’s take a look through some points which don’t seem very important to a beginner.

Give the fabric a wash
Do not consider this as an extra task for you. This is a necessary step for any dressmaker. Each fabric has different properties. Some tend to shrink after it is washed. This will affect the size and accurate fitting of the final dress. So make it a regular practice of washing the fabric straight after you buy it.

Iron the wrinkles
Once washed, the fabric is likely to get crumpled or develop wrinkles, which again is something that will affect the correct measurements. So gently iron the fabric according to the cloth type. Straighten out all the curves and crumples. Leave it smooth and straight so that you can cut it exactly as per the directions.

Make sure which pattern you want
Once you start cutting, you will find it hard to change the pattern, unless of course you are an expert at re designing the model. However for beginners, it is best to think ahead and decide which pattern will suit you and the fabric. Study the pattern and get familiar with the instructions as to how to cut the fabric.

Get the fabric ready
Lay out the washed and pressed fabric on a long table. There should be no curves or folds.

Lay your pattern on the fabric
Carefully lay the pattern on your fabric and cut according to the instructions. Do it piece by piece and take your time .There is no need to hurry with the cutting. Make sure you leave some cloth around each border line of the pattern. This is just a precaution in case something goes wrong. Just leave enough to make alterations if needed.

Follow the above tips always before you start cutting your fabric, even when you become a pro!

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